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Summary: The trail of shadow leads us ever onward...


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Gender: Male

Age: 43

Group: The Chosen




Gand are a stocky, three-fingered, two-toed insectoid species.

Zithill has red-brown skin and his head features a pair of large, silver compound eyes. He also wears the breathing gear required by his species to survive in an oxygen atmosphere.


Zithill is a findsman from the Gand homeworld. A findsman is an expert tracker using a mystical sense which appears to them like a trail of vapour leading them to their quarry. Few Gand leave their homeworld and even fewer from the highly respected findsmen who are a treasured asset to their people.

Feeling an inexplicable call to follow the trail of shadow he broke with ancient tradition and left his hive and home. He has been unable to follow any other trail since his senses became attuned to this powerful call. The journey has been long and frustrating but at last he has come to the end. He has found the broken husk of Korriban.

Greatest Fear

Losing the trail.

Dearest Love

Finding his quarry.

Force Powers and Special Abilities

Shuttle Pilot
Marksman - Long distance rifle skills
Survival Skills
Gand Findsman - Race specific tracking abilities accessed by force sensitive Gand

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Image of Zithill
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