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Summary: I hear something


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Gender: Female

Age: 16

Group: The Chosen




Lyra is tall with red hair and blue eyes. She where’s dark clothing and carries a staff.


Lyra was exiled from her home world due to her force sensitivity. She is from a planet in wild space and her abilities were not noticed until she was 13 years of age. By that time she was to old to be trained be the Jedi. As her ability’s grew stronger the people of her home began to fear her. An incident where she sent someone flying and nearly killed them was the last straw. She was forced to leave her home. Her hart broken mother gave Lyra her staff to protect herself and said goodbye. She was give a small ship and a droid to pilot it and sent away. She eventually found her way to Korriban with the help of a droid pilot. Something about the place seamed to pull her there. It was as if she were being called to the planet. Sadly however the ship crashed and the droid did not survive. Now left completely alone and frightened she most search the planet and find out what and why she felt pulled to this place of darkness.

Greatest Fear

At the moment the power growing inside her.

Dearest Love

Her friends and family.

Force Powers and Special Abilities

Lyra can lift and move objects with force. She is also able to precise the living power which is what lead her to Korriban. She is a little faster the average person her age and can deal her power growing which scars her.

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Image of Lyra
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