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Summary: A wayward Neti

T'ra Renar

Gender: Male

Age: 539

Group: The Chosen




T'ra Renar has tough gray skin similar to plant bark, multiple thin branching arms, and thick body trunks. His foliage tends to be brownish or black and grows on the upper parts of a his body.


As plants, Neti survived through photosynthesis, though they also need some water to survive. Neti are extremely long-lived, with an average life span of several thousand years. Neti reproduction only occurs once every few centuries. Seeds often remained dormant for more than a thousand years before germinating.

As plants, Neti have no need for food. They have a greatly reduced need for water as long as they have regular access to broad-spectrum light.
Neti only need one-tenth the water of most other species, but if deprived of sunlight, they will starve, much as other races would when lacking food.

Neti schooled in a special Force trance, presumably hibernation trance, could survive almost indefinitely in an area without natural sunlight and rain. All Neti are Force-sensitive and learned both the Neti and Basic from youth.

Neti are capable of changing their size and shape, apparently at will. A skilled Neti could morph its shape into a roughly humanoid solid treelike mass anywhere from 2 to 9.5 meters tall. The shapes and sizes a Neti could assume ranged from very humanoid to very treelike, even when asleep or knocked unconscious. When resting, they generally appeared as 5-meter-tall treelike objects.

Greatest Fear

Failing to produce a sapling

Dearest Love

A job well done, completing a goal

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Image of T'ra Renar
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