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Summary: I'm more of a puckish rogue.

Ryder Knight

Gender: male

Age: 20-30

Group: The Chosen


Human (Origin planet unknown)


Long hair, Scar across the bridge of his nose, large burn scar on right shoulder reaching back to his spin and nearly to his lower back, full arm tattoos on both arms going over the top of the scar meaning they were from after, heterochromia. Usually has a strange stick like inhaler between his teeth and lips. Burn hands and forearms wrapped in bandages, scarred stomach also wrapped. Gravelly voice.


A smuggler by trade, mostly drugs, legal and illegal. Recently got in a heap of trouble with The Galactic Federation Triumvirate after stealing a massive shipment of medical drugs destine for the front lines and not where 'they should be going' in his words. Wild space towns deemed to sick and too poor to 'waste' the drugs on. Ryder ain't no saint but he grew up in places like that and knows The Galactic Federation Triumvirate has enough to go around they are just selfish.

Greatest Fear

His death meaning nothing. Losing his ship

Dearest Love

His Ship (yacht class, freighter size) , his co-pilot, drugs

Force Powers and Special Abilities

Incredible shot with whatever you get him (as long as he can lift it) but prefers his A-180 pistol,
Decent scrapper (Hand to hand)
Pilot - medium sized vessels

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Image of Ryder Knight
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