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Summary: A damaged but intelligent hoverchair-bound Twi'lek, determined to prove her Force theories right.


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Gender: Female

Age: 41

Group: The Chosen




Dark grey skin
Lekku relatively short. Left lekku was torn off halfway.
Shorter and more squat than an average Twi'lek female. Before the accident, she was around 1.5m tall and 55 kg.
Her legs were cut off just above the knees. She is permanently confined to a hoverchair. She has manual controls available, but generally uses the Force to control her movements.


Nyavi'lar, Nyavi or Nya for short, was born on the Twi'lek home planet Ryloth. Her parents were cold and distant to all their children and mostly raised their girls to become dancers or to be sold off as slaves, as the trade in Twi'lek girls still bloomed in the Ryloth underground. Nyavi was not considered pretty enough for either profession, however, and was mostly neglected as a result.

Nyavi may not have been as pretty as most Twi'lek girls, but her intelligence was considerably higher. In a bid to prove herself useful, she began studying relentlessly, focussing on science and engineering. After a chance meeting with a human Jedi master named Arathan one day, she became obsessed with scientific experimentation surrounding the Force. She became convinced that the Force was based in physics, not magic, and that the difference between the Light and the Dark side was mere superstition. Though her experiments to unify the powers that govern the Force with those that govern physics have not yielded a definite link as of yet, it did increase her own Force using skills, and soon she became able enough to use the Force on many small components at the same time, as well as power small circuitry with a weak application of Force lightning, long considered a Dark side ability. Her Force skills lay in finesse, not brute power.

Excited at her own progress with her experiments, Nyavi managed to convince Arathan to take a look at her work. Initially, the Jedi seemed interested about her work, but he became stern as she explained her scientific point of view, insisting on the Force as a power beyond science. She became frustrated as she wanted to show the results she had made, but when she displayed some use of her Force lightning, he became enraged and decried her a heretic. He drew his lightsaber and destroyed her laboratory and all her tools and equipment. She cried, begged and pleaded, and finally she tried to physically restrain him. In retaliation, he cut off half of her left head tail and left her writhing in agony.

Unfortunately, shortly after he left, it turned out the damage he had done extended to the structure of the room as well. The walls came down and though Nyavi managed to get under her metal desk, the collapsing ceiling came down on her legs. It took two days of unbearable agony before Nyavi was extricated and taken to a hospital, but by then the damage was done. Both her legs had to be amputated just above the knee.

Now, 15 years later, bound to an advanced hover chair of her own design and controlling it with the Force, Nyavi has become more determined than ever to prove her theories of the Forceā€¦ and use them to bring down the religious hegemony of the Order of the Light.

Greatest Fear


Dearest Love

Being accepted and appreciated for her intelligence and skills

Force Powers and Special Abilities

A particular type of Force telekinesis. Instead of moving big or heavy things, Nyavi is all about doing many things at once with great precision. She can only apply pressure up to 10kg or 20lbs in total, but she can distribute that force endlessly.

Coupled to this is a strong sense of awareness of her surroundings and where everything she can manipulate with the Force is located. This allows her to affect things she cannot see in a short distance around her as well.

Weak Force Lightning. Not enough power to do more than irritate people, but enough to power small circuitry.

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