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Summary: I may seem like a big oaf, but that's because you don't know me


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Gender: Male

Age: 27

Group: The Chosen




He is of large proportions, around 2.1 meters tall. He has slick black skin, with a white underbelly, and a bulky build. Hargar has very thick arms and legs, and webbed fingers. He is well built physically, yet at the same time he is very nimble.
He has fresh scars and wounds from a mission gone wrong.
He needs to submerge himself in water for around 15 minutes every couple days, or else his skin will dry out.


Born into poverty in Hanna City on Chandrila, Hargar lived a tough life on the streets, basically fighting to survive. He worked petty crime jobs growing up, such as robbing shops and stealing valuables, simple burglary. As soon as he could afford it, since he saved all the coin he made except for the bare necessities, he bought a small, one person ship and left the planet to find a new life.

He spent a year in the open Galaxy, skipping between planets or outposts, those with bathing systems to keep his skin hydrated, before learning the money to be made bounty hunting. He ended up successfully completing a few bounties, with surprising success, and was recruited onto a five person team of bounty hunters, with a decently sized ship. They fitted a specialized water pool into the ship for him to moisten daily, and for quite a few years he worked with them, taking heads and living a better life. During this time, he started collecting holographic books on holocrons with the money he made. He improved his reading skills, and learned many things, such as how to repair a damaged ship, and other mechanical skills.

He was sent on a difficult mission with his team, to take out a spacecraft convoy that was travelling nearby Korriban. They had boarded one of the convoy ships, realizing it was a trap. His whole team was killed as they tried to escape, leaving only him to flee with blast burns and scars across his body. He fled to the nearest place he could hide, Korriban, which is how he ended up there.

Greatest Fear

Not being able to feed himself
Losing his Friends

Dearest Love

Fixing Things
Playing Dejarik (He is very good at it)
(The simple things in life)

Force Powers and Special Abilities

He has the ability to leap and move farther and faster than what is normal for his race, or most other races. He doesn't understand that this is the power of the force within him aiding him.
He is decent at flying ships, but skills in fixing them.
He has never used a saber, but doesn't mean he can't learn. He more often uses blasters and physical strength, although there are two light sabers stored in his ship as a prize from a jedi killing mission.
At the moment he is recovering from wounds

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Image of Hargar
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