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Summary: Stronger together. Expendable? Not on your life


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Gender: Female

Age: 13

Group: The Chosen


Original Genetically modified humanoids.


Almost identical to her twin, J04574 has luminously pale skin pale purple spots, rosettes, and stripes that barely visible on her skin and face under sunlight. They glow at the absence of light, the less light the brighter they get but are fully visible in the ultraviolet spectrum.

She has straight, long white-blonde hair and pale purple eyes in which the iris and pulpal are oversized with nearly no visible sclera. She is 4’11 and athletic in build, noticeably more so than her twin.


During the Great Sith War approximately 1500 BBY, the Sith - unable to replenish their numbers fast enough set about into researching a way to create or clone force sensitive in order to replenish their number against the Jedi.

While great strides were made the creation of force-sensitive proved incredibly problematic in addition to the limited technology of the era. The project was forgotten with the fall of the Sith.

In the years leading up to the Clone Wars, the project was rediscovered by Palpatine. No longer wishing to adhere to the Rule Of Two he pursued the project to fulfill his grand plans of an Army of Sith under his control. The Project continued in secret on a small cloaked station at the edge of Wild Space. To ensure it remained secret the scientist were never permitted to leave. They lived and died on the station until they could achieve a viable specimen.

It would not be until the Battle of Yavin that finally 5 viable specimens were created, 3 plus a set of twins. Each custom made for a purpose, each unique in their own way, trained and educated in a VR environment. However, they never received the order to activate.

The station, the projects all languished. The scientist eventually all died and the station went idle. Over 300 years later, neglected and forgotten the station began to lose power and went into emergency mode waking the only bit a life left on the station.

Original Units J311yb34n and J0c4574 woke in the real world for the first time. Alone. Their elder brothers and sister seemingly already woken and gone. Confused and scared they could hear a comforting voice called through the force across the darkness of space.

“Come children … come to Korriban …”

Greatest Fear

Sororicide. There can be only one Dark Sith Lord. J0c4574 would do anything for her twin, including if need be - when the day comes - falling on the sword so J311yb34n doesn’t have to make that choice.

Dearest Love

If there is such a thing - J311yb34n. J0c4574 is strongest when with her twin, and there is nothing she wouldn’t do to protect her.

Force Powers and Special Abilities

Like her sister, J0c4754 can see very well in the dark, as well as in the ultraviolet spectrum.

J0c4754 is less sensitive to light than her sister, but in solidarity, she wears a blindfold to protect her eyes. As a side effect, she is additionally able to ‘See’ with the force like a sonar.

J0c4754 when with her sister fight in perfect unison and they share a telepathic bond.

J0c4754 while naturally gifted and strong with the force all their training was in VR and as such is all theoretical.

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Image of J0c4574
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