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Summary: A wanderer down dark paths

Arikir Devetor

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Gender: Male

Age: 34

Group: The Chosen


Human (core worlds)


A shaggy brown beard grows just beyond his face, the hair on his head is equally misshappen and wild. The mess frames a younger, but tired face with a pair of blue eyes sitting upon new wrinkles brought on by a lack of sleep. Standing at 6 feet clean, he has the stature of a Jedi knight but rather than the typical robes he is now dressed in more casual civilian pieces, though he fits then poorly.


Born force sensitive in the core worlds left little options for Arikir. The Jedi came for the young baby as they did for so many others and whisked him away to become another warrior of the force. The temple on Coruscant had long ago stopped training younglings that didn't show particular expertise so he was sent out to the mid rim, to a temple on Ithor. On the verdant world Arikir enjoyed nearly every waking moment among the wildlife and beautiful fauna that grew about the temple. This joy and happiness in nature undoubtedly led to him quickly grasping on the power of his connection to the force. But while he was able to master this quickly, the physical lessons of bladework and combat always caused him trouble. Whether it be his own inability to focus on fights, or his inability or shut out the world around him as his teachers instructed, he was never as good at anything as the rest of his class.

Even as he passed his padiwan trials, he only ever truly excelled in the matters of the force. But as the lessons intensified and the expectation to be totally disconnected from ones emotions increased, he slowly began to change his opinion of his situation.

He found himself disagreeing more and more with the lessons and teaching of his masters, their detachment and zealotry. And while early on he had felt such closeness to those fellow padiwans he was learning with he now slowly grew to hate them for so blindly following these teachings and closing themselves off from the world.

Dejected, angry at the world, and without a master that would take him on, he expected to fall behind in his control and connection to the force. But he discovered that while the Jedi taught the absence of emotions, those emotions he could not hold back only brought him in a deeper connection. He found joy, passion, anger, sadness, all of these emotions made him stronger. He thrived in them rather than trying to hold them back.

His escape and separation from the Jedi temple of Ither is a near constant presence in his mind, though he keeps the memory to himself. He had been on the run and in hiding for years now, though his exploration to the dark side has led to a surprising pull to a distant planet.

Greatest Fear

Complete removal and suppression of one's thoughts and emotions. The complete domination of the force by the Order.

Dearest Love

Embracing his feelings and teaching others of it's wonder and power

Force Powers and Special Abilities

Trained as a Jedi, he is proficient in their combat and abilities. His saber combat is weaker than most other Jedi of his level, and has led him to fully embracing the Soresu form.

His force abilities have been strengthen slightly by his slight touch into the darker side of the force and his willingness to let his emotions control him.

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Image of Arikir Devetor
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