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Summary: I will kill any in my way.

Rarek Syathar

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Group: The Chosen




Grey scales
Black eyes
6’ 10”


He once hailed the Jedi as mythical beings of good as did the rest of his kind. While serving under one, he was accused of heresy, “betraying” the Jedi by comforting frightened locals.
After escaping his “trial”, Rarek set up a life of mercenary work and tried to lie low, while also hiding his growing powers.
This life ended when his most recent crew was slaughtered and he was taken prisoner to be sent back to Baral 1.

Greatest Fear

That he will never see his home again, since he is now considered an enemy to his people.

Dearest Love

His home and family.

Force Powers and Special Abilities

Has budding force powers, at the moment is only able to pull his weapon back to him.

Is skilled with melee weapons, preferring a spear, and is decent with a blaster.

Racial abilities allow for excellent hunting and survival skills. Can shed his tail.

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Image of Rarek Syathar
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