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Summary: Control through acceptance, strength through anger, resolve through hatred..


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Gender: Male

Age: 20

Group: The Chosen




A man of average height with a strong build, has short brown hair and a pair of pale green eyes.


Never knowing life before the Order of Light Temple on Courscant, Issac was raised from infancy as a Jedi. From the time he could crawl he heard tales of how the Jedi were the true masters of the galaxy, how they had brought peace to millennia of conflict and suffering, and how only they could keep the balance. By the time he was old enough to start his training he truly believed the Jedi to be the pinacle of mortality and justice, and he could not wait to be old enough to take his place amongst their noble ranks.

When he began his training, Issac found a quick affinity in the use of a lightsaber, coming to proficiency in form five 'Shien' as it matched his natural agression, a fact that earned him both praise, and concern, with his tutors. However, while he found skill with a lightsaber, his ability in the force was mediocre at best, many a time a master would remark "he has potential, but lacks the ability to grasp it". This, along with concern over his temper, caused worry over the future of the youngling, while also planting the seed of doubt in Issacs mind.

In an attempt to tame his emotions, when the time came for Issac to become a Padawan Apprentice, he was given to Master Pax, known for his endless patients and infinite wisdom. Pax began trying to reach Issac through his skill with a saber, tutoring him in the more defensive form three 'Soresu', through this, along with extensive force meditation, he hoped to bring more control and reason to his student.

Growing to see Pax as the only father figure he had ever known, Issac became desperate to please him, carrying out his instructions to the letter, and succeeding in nearly every case, but not in the force. Even with his many triumphs under Pax, his ability in the force never seemed to be good enough, and though Pax never showed it, Issac knew he was disappointed, and thus the seed of resentment was sown.

Upon completing his trials, and becoming a Jedi knight, Issac immediately joined his former master in enforcing the Triumvirate in the Outer Rim. Here, he thought, he would see the good work carried out by the order. Instead he saw his masters soldiers round up those deemed 'heretical', and acting as judge and executioner, put them to death. With this, the seeds of doubt and resentment grew into distrust and anger, growing as he saw and carried out horrible acts in the name of 'peace and justice'.

It was in this dark time that the voice started. Beginning as a distant whisper, the voice initialy acted as a guide, warning Issac of danger and replacing his diminishing relationship with Pax. After gaining his trust, the voice grew and began telling Issac of the many failings and hypocrisies of the Jedi, nurturing the discust and anger into a deep burning hatred.

Seemingly oblivious to his former apprentices fall, the first time Pax saw anything was wrong, was when the blade of Issacs lightsaber emerged from his chest as he issued the fate of another group that threatened the peace. With the voice urging him on, Issac cut down the Galactic soldiers, many before they had the chance to react. Consumed in darkness, Issac felt the force far stronger than ever before in his life, at one point managing to stop a blaster bolt from hitting him in the back when a soldier got the drop on him, and then, in a moment of pure rage, lifting the soldier by the neck with the force, crushing his windpipe in the process.

When his formed comrades where dead and scattered about him, the populace of the settlement they were visiting decided to approach him, seemingly afraid, but greatful for being saved. The voice however, had other plans, telling Issac of how these people would spread word of what he had done, how it would reach the Jedi, and the hunt that would follow. So, with a face twised in anguish, Issac completed his massacre, slaughtering the population of the settlement to the last living being, even going as far as landing his masters ship in the center of the settlement and activating its self destruct ensuring all evidence was removed in the blast.

It was after this, as he sat staring at the burning ruin of the town, that the weight of what he had done hit him. Breaking down entirely, he became a sobbing pile on the floor, his mind playing out the events of the day in clear detail, forcing him to see the face of every life he had taken, frozen in terror at the moment of death. The voice then returned, not with words of comfort, nor scornful remarks, but a single word, repeated endlessly, 'Korriban'.

With no other course of action, dressed in the clothes of the dead and flying a stolen freighter, he left the planet, following the darkness to wherever it took him next.

Greatest Fear

Losing control again.

Dearest Love

Succeeding in what he sees as right.

Force Powers and Special Abilities

Skilled in lightsaber combat (forms 3 and 5),

middling force abilities for a jedi (telekinesis, jump, throw and a weak mind trick),

can get a ship from point a to point b but might crash on arrival,

has shown dark side powers such as force choke, force stasis and force lightning, but has not yet mastered them.

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