Image of General Vorag

Summary: In light there is order, in light we are free

General Vorag

Gender: Male

Age: 52

Group: NPCs




Tall and muscular, his hair and beard turned to white. His eyes are crystal blue.


General Talman Vorag is a veteran leader of the Triumvirate Fleet. He has a long record of honoured service to the Galactic Triumvirate and does not hesitate in bringing the light of truth to the darker corners of the galaxy.

Greatest Fear

That the dark side will rise once more and destroy all that he has worked for.

Dearest Love

Seeing the order of the Triumvirate expressed in neat military ranks and the well ordered deployment of her forces. It makes him feel safe.

Force Powers and Special Abilities

Jedi Master
Battle Meditation
Blade Master

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Image of General Vorag
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