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Summary: I will not be destroyed, I will not let you win

Vol-Kur Moxla

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Gender: Male

Age: 17

Group: The Chosen




5'8" , with dark brown hair and brown eyes. Bares the makings of Clan Moxla on his face


Born on Kiffu 2 ABY, Vol-Kur was a mixed child of a Rebel family. His mother was a clanswoman who joined the Rebels, his father a merchant who crashed upon the planet. Despite the Empire and its expansive power, Kiffu remained relatively untouched by the Emperor until the final days of the Empire itself at Endor.

A month prior to Endor, Lord Vader lead a hunt for Jedi remnants, mostly to find the secrets of Clan Voss. Imperial occupation was quick to establish an outpost and garrison, eventually turning Kiffu and Kiffex into production worlds for energy, utilizing their unique phenomenon of electrical storms. Unfortunately, the outpost was left with no support after Darth Vader left, having found nothing and slaughtering those with Force sensitivity.

The massacre scarred Vol-Kur, who watched fellow clansman take up arms, only to be cut down by saber and blaster. In the time leading up to the destruction of the second Death Star, Vol-Kur developed a healthy hatred for those who dominated him and grew adept at sabotaging Imperial equipment. He was good enough at slicing, and more than one hulk from a forgotten age was found to be mechanically jurry-rigged; ancient Sith fighters, from long ago in a war against the Republic, Separatist B-1 battle droids left behind when they lost their signal or simply broke down, all was used by Vol-Kur and a small growing group of clansmen.

By the time the newly founded Jedi Order came to the planet's aid, they found a tired but welcoming tribe thoroughly devastated by the remnants of Imperial occupation, Vol-Kur now capable of sticking two cogs together to make an astromech droid for ramshackle airspeeders. Impressed at the skill, the Jedi took those who were willing and were capable of learning the ways of the Force.

His affinity for machines was only the start, for it was not long before he manifested his first Force vision, from a bit of fragments from an old fighter ancient beyond thought. He saw a masked man, darkly robed with a Mandolorian helmet covering his face, and another man swabbed in crimson and black robe, his eyes piercing in hatred.

Even Master Skywalker had to search the remnants of the Great Jedi Library for clues as to his vision, but it was clear he had inherited his world's greatest gift: psychometry, the reading of an object's past through the Force.

It was evident of his particular use, even to the Sith. Still, he proceeded through his training with Master Itio Vikes. He was told many a time by Master Vikes that the dark side was indeed a path of power, but one of great and terrible sacrifice and pain. The Sith would always seek to destroy what they could not hold and their devotion to such power made them a dangerous foe.

Vikes would begin to teach the tennets of the Jedi for some years before he was ready to delve further into his power, to learn to control it. During this time, he saw many different stories, many different feelings and sights. Yet he learned some form of control despite the overwhelming sensation.

Moxla would have his greatest trial to survive when he and his master were confronted by Darth Krautus. While Vikes held his own for the longest, the young padawan was not able to keep up and was forced to watch the two strike each other. The Sith, the Jedi, both stood for a second before passing into the Force and Moxla was left alone to survive on some barren rock he barely knew.

Fortunately, the Sith found him some months later. During that time, he fell to the Dark Side slowly but assuredly. He hated the Sith, but he hated the Jedi as well, their foolish thought that trying to make peace with an enemy that never gave up in their quest for domination and the Sith for the oppression of thousands of years before, knowing that it could happen again.

On the barren rock, he made a vow to protect his world from the Sith. Never more would his people suffer at a Sith's hands.

His vow would not come to fruition, as he infiltrated an Imperial stronghold. Inside, he came across the Dark Jedi under the control of Grand Moff Ezra, a sadistic and Force Sensitive man. The padawan tried to defeat the Grand Moff and succeeded at dispatching his bodyguards. But the Grand Moff was far more cunning than he expected.

Ezra waited for him down in the bowels of the stronghold, along the carbonate freezing assembly. When his quarry finally arrived, he caught him in his plan. Vol-Kur ceased to perceive the world around him as he was frozen solid.

The Force was with him. It answered his call for help, wrapping him in its embrace over the next five hundred years to preserve him.

Greatest Fear

He fears that his world will once more be destroyed by the Sith, with the damage from the days of the Old Republic only now healed. If he can't claim Kiffu to protect it, Kiffar will die because of his failure

Dearest Love

The Kiffar people, most notably the Moxla clan

Force Powers and Special Abilities

Force Pull
Force Push
Saber Throw

Basic Lightsaber Training

Ship Spec

His master's ship, The Outlander

YT-2000 freighter (currently missing)

Droid/Companion Details

None yet

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