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Summary: A mercenary who tends to be a little too mouthy for her own good.

Gavreel Sol

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Gender: Female

Age: 25

Group: The Chosen


Arkanian Hybrid


Height: 5'8

Build: Wirey muscles, track-and-field sort of build

Hair: Short, shaggy, and white

Eyes: Blue

Gear: Gavreel wears a phrik alloy helmet with a retractable faceplate. This is the most expensive thing she has ever owned, and probably ever will own. Thankfully, Gavreel looted it off a corpse, she didn't buy it. She generally wears a red, black, and silver body suit, and has a pair of bronzite vambraces, pauldrons, greaves, and a curass. Gavreel has sabatons that have shock absorbers, which allows her to fall a distance of 20 feet without breaking her legs. As long as she lands well.

Other Notable Characteristics: Gavreel is covered in scars, and she only has four digits on her feet, like a pure Arkanian would.


Gavreel was born as the result of a one night stand between an adventure seeking, rich-boy pureblooded Arkanian, and an Offshoot who worked in the gem mines under the planet's surface. She grew up mining herself, and always seemed to find just a few more deposits than her contemporaries, if she just concentrated hard enough. Gavreel found a taste for racing--on foot and on speeders and gem haulers--and she tended to spend her free time doing so. When she was fourteen, her mother died, and she had nothing to keep her on Arkania.

Gavreel stowed away on what was possibly the worst possible freighter-or maybe the best, considering the eventual results. Ket Soth was headed to Er'kit, a planet best known for its desolate red surface and slaver presence. As Gavreel was not a paying passenger, Ket deemed her 'cargo', and sold her to Garbulla the Hutt. Garbulla was an odd slaver, in that his slaves could earn their way to indentured servitude, and from there had either ten years or 200,000 wupiupi between themselves and freedom.

Gavreel worked her way up to freedom after a decade of odd jobs, races won, and bounties taken. She still takes some jobs for Garbulla now and then, but Gavreel tends to avoid Er'kit like the plague.

Greatest Fear

She has two, and they're just about equal. Unfortunate, that. There was an extensive tunnel collapse that killed her mother, and trapped Gavreel in a small enclosed space with her mother's corpse. It took her two days to escape the rubble, and a week to escape the tunnels. So, enclosed spaces, and losing people she cares about are her greatest fears.

Dearest Love

At the moment, her ship and her droid. After that, freedom.

Force Powers and Special Abilities

Force Powers-
Near-perfect aim: Gavreel is an incredibly skilled marksman on her own (twelve years of practice will do that for you), however she doesn't always have to aim at a target to hit it.

Enhanced Reflexes: The force gives her about a three second warning to get the hell out of dodge. Whether she is physically able to move quick wnough is another matter...

Force Lighting: Gavreel has used force lighting on 4 occasions. It only happens when she is very, very angry. It takes her being furious enough to want to inflict pain rather than just kill. However, she's only ever used it while making skin contact, so she hasn't realized its force lighting.

Force Enhanced Physiology: When pressed, Gavreel can hit harder, run faster and further, and jump higher than normal. This is an unconscious skill, she has never actively used it.

Special Abilities-
Added Arkanian Vision Spectrum: Gavreel can see in the infrared spectrum, as well as ultraviolet. As a consequence, her eyes are very heat sensitive, though not as much as a purebred Arkanian's would be.

Ship repair
Skilled pilot of vehicles ranging from speeders up to light freighters and gun ships. Anything else...she'll probably survive landing?
Hand to hand combat-Gavreel has hodge podge training, so she is essentially a brawler, with a few moves from actual fighting styles thrown in.
Can communicate orally and through writing with Binary, Galactic Common, Huttese, Bothan, and Arkanian

Ship Spec

Name: Freebird

Class: YT-2400 Light Freighter

The Freebird has the same basic disc-shaped hull most YT-series have, but is set apart by its tubular cockpit that is connected to the hull by two starboard bracing arms. Behind the cockpit is the ship's main escape pod, capable of ferrying six passengers. Opposite the primary escape pod and inside the Freebird's cargo area is a secondary escape pod. The Freebird's hull is protected by reinforced bulkhead frames and double-armored plating. The freighter is 18.65 meters in length and 28.5 meters in width.

The Freebird has room for a crew of 3 and has room for 6 passengers. Crew quarters and living areas were located within the ship's bracing arms. It can safely haul 150 tons of cargo, in addition to necessary fuel and the weight of the passengers.

The Freebird has dual laser cannons mounted on Corellian 1D servo turrets. The freighter is armed with 2 of these units, one dorsal and one ventral. The Freebird also has 13 smaller cannons, in six clusters of 2 on the dorsal and ventral sides of the ship, and the last one is placed above the primary escape pod.

Speed and energy:
The Freebird could reach atmospheric speeds up to 800 kph. The freighter came with a Class 2 hyperdrive and a Class 12 backup hyperdrive, both backed by a Navicomputer. TheFreebird was equipped with deflector shields.

Droid/Companion Details

T7-4D "Ford" is a a small black astromech. Ford is capable of splicing, ship repair, holotape projecting, hyperjump calculations, and is semi-combat viable. At least, nobody is going to be easily stealing the laser spewing droid anytime soon. Like most Astromechs, he communicates through binary. Luckily, Gavreel is passable at understanding binary.

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