OOC - Getting Started

Be a bad guy! Be a Sith! The Dark Side needs you!!

If you are joining the game at the very beginning then you find yourself on route to the ruined planet of Korriban. You may have been called by the dark power of the Sith, you may be driven here by sheer dumb luck that is up to you but you are about to find yourself face to face with the forgotten power of the dark side and your life will never be the same again.


Those joining at a later date will be woven into the story with the help of a moderator. We will be writing in a non-canon Star Wars Legends universe, set hundreds of years after any of the current written material.

The Jedi Order now dubbed the Order of Light have become a puritanical and almost oppressive power in the Galaxy, forcing their good intentions on others in the name of peace and prosperity. They form one third of the Galactic Triumvirate, the other two being the Galactic Fleet and the Galactic Ministry.

Balance must be restored. The Dark Side must rise once more and bring the joy of chaos to the Galaxy.

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