Bathed in Blood

Zithill watched the others enter the pool. The hulking creatures summoned by the Sith Lord reached out towards them and one by one lowered them into the thick viscous liquid. He watched impassively as the lone human female and the beastile Hargar and Rarek were submerged in their bloody baptism. Another human the one who had appeared to replace the fallen outside the temple entered and was submerged. "Issac" the name came to his mind as if whispered from the shadows.

So five had entered and four remained including himself. To his surprise then the Twi'lek launched herself from her seat into the pool and was quickly submerged. Could she swim? How deep was the pool? Would she drown? The thoughts came in a blur and fear gripped the Gand, fear and surprise. He did not wish for her to die. There was no time to untangle the sentiment as he surged forward into the pool to save her.

As the thick liquid smothered him all intent was torn away. He could feel nothing but the force. It's dark power pulsing through his every nerve ending. He gave himself over to it and breath deeply through the Izuth filling his lungs with the iron tang of blood.

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