The Next Step

Arikir was ruminating on the information he had been shown and what he had heard while the others went headlong into the sanguine pool. There was a lot to process, and he would certainly not deny himself room to ruminate. He power he had been shown, was it possible it had been his this whole time? Or was it only a vision meant to inspire his future? If he had been stronger then, not so afraid of fighting back and using his emotions, not so still attached to Jedi teachings, could he have stopped that whole process? Perhaps with enough power he might even have been able to save the others who had been silenced...perhaps he still could.

The twins entered and he realized he was one of the last to enter. He took another look at the elder sith and approached the pool. He placed a foot out into the red abyss but held it there.

'No', he thought to himself and put his foot back on the stone. There was one more thing left to do before he committed to this baptism. He removed the long spun rags around him to reveal the shoddy remains of his Jedi clothing. He unwound himself from the cloths like a snake peeling it's skin, and at last the old musky clothes of the Ithor temple layed at the wayside of the pool. He pulled his outer clothes back around himself and reached back to his back and removed his lightsaber.

Looking over the weapon he recalled it's construction, the forms he had dreamt of in his mind, the journey to create it and earn his place among the Jedi. There was a time when these thoughts brought joy to him but now he saw them for the platitudinal garbage that they were. As his anger grew at the memory the metal casing of the blade behind to squek under the pressure.

They had stolen his childhood and so many others in the pursuit of their goals of complete domination. A domination that meant the destruction of everything it meant to be alive. So that was their offer, death physically by a lightsaber, graciously provided to the next indoctrinated child, or death of the spirit under the crushing pressure of their dogma. The casing on the lightsaber had begun to undue itself and the kyber crystal inside was now exposed. The pressure built on it as it floated from his hands as he pressed on it now with the force. It wasn't fair! not to the galaxy, not to the children who's lives they ruined everyday, it wasn't fair to him!

With this last burst of anger the crystal cracked and shattered into a thousand pieces. The rest of the metal clattered away as well and Arikir could not help but smile. At least for the moment, as the weapon and armor of his old life lay at his feet, he could truly feel anew. With a smile on his face he raised both arms to the side, so much lighter now, and sent himself headlong into the pool.

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