A Disturbance in the Force

His eyes snapped open. General Vorag, Jedi Master sat cross legged in the centre of this meditation chamber. He could feel the vast structure of the Galactic destroyer around him and the crew of hundreds pulsating with life through the force. He also felt the darkness, a distant and horrific thing. He could almost taste sour blood in his mouth.

The door opened and a young girl ran into the room, her eyes wide with fear. He met those eyes with his own cold grey orbs and gave a slow nod.

"I feel it also." he confirmed. Every Jedi in the quadrant would have felt that surge of dark energy. It was as if the balance of the force had been momentarily overturned and the universe had been shaken to its very core. He fought the urge to vomit and noted that his padawan had lost that battle given the stains on her robes.

"What can it be?" she gasped.

He ignored her question as he rose to his feet and walked to the comm panel near the door. With a flick of a switch he was talking to the captain of this vessel.

"Make the jump to Korriban and power all weapons." he ordered in a voice void of emotion. What ever darkness had been awoken it was still churning, growing, seeking to overturn the balance of the force once more. He closed his eyes. Yes Korriban, that was the source he could feel it like a wound in the fabric of existence. They had no time to waste...


The initiates stood within the pool. The red ichor dripped from their skin and clothes and in each of them the blazing power of dark force energy sparked and flared as the dark baptism took hold.

"Good! Good.." breathed the masked Sith as he looked on. "Let your passion take control. Feed your anger, harness your power! You are reborn!"

He looked then to the twins, their white hair matted and tangled with crimson gore. Their bright eyes flared with power and he laughed quietly.

"Daughters of darkness lead your new family to the place of your birth. There you will find a Sith Holocron of great importance. Find the Holocron, learn what you must and follow the path set before you..."

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