My Ship

It felt righteous, being drenched in the blood. He felt like his emotions meant something now more than ever, he had power. He arose from the blood, feeling the mystical energy of the dark force empower him. He had power.

Hargar watched as the others arose from the bloody bath. He watched as the two girls, robotic in their thoughts and methodologies, described their ship, and told them to join.

"No," muttered Hargar, "their ship won't work."

"We will take my ship," he ordered, holding out his hand to halt the girls. "It has more than enough room for you all. As well as some holocrons, with good reading, and even a Dejarik table to pass time. And I... I need my bathing station."

He felt stupid for a moment, putting out that embarrassing fact, but it was required. A better way to convince them.

"I need to be bathed once every few days. Without it, I will dry out," he added, hoping they will accept the offer.

(OOC: I was curious, it seems like the space-crafts will be a major part of the story, so will you want us to make an OOC post describing the ship, a character page for the ship, or should we just stick with describing what we can? I was just curious as to what your thoughts were LH.)

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