Dark Illusion

Zithill stepped out of the pool watching as the two gory sentinels slumped back down into the liquid. The Sith Lord still sat watching them his eyes blazing and his form unmoving. The Gand studied the dark master for a moment and then on an impulse he snatched up his rifle from the ground where he had placed it and fired it at the being.

"A projection. You are not truly here." he hissed through the Izuth as the energy blast passed harmlessly through. "Who are you?"

"I was know as Darth Orvain, but you my children may call me Master." the Sith gave a low chuckle and as the others watched his image flickered and vanished.

"Follow the children." the Siths voice echoed around the chamber.

Zithill turned then to the others. They had been arguing over which ship to take, it appeared that the beastile Hargar was reluctant to leave his behind.

"We will require more than one vessel, each take their own or ship as you wish." he knelt at Nyavi'lars side as she sat at the edge of the pool and offered a hand, "It appears the Swamp Hag is without an owner if you wish to take her?"

OOC: Ships will absolutely be important and I suggest we take our own with us for now unless we really want to share. I will add a field to the character sheet for ship specs and if anyone feels they want to create a post detailing their ship then do so as an OOC and I will link it to Game Info.

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