Nyavi exits the pool

Rarek's newfound fury gripped him. “Are you mad?! How DARE you fire upon a Sith Lord!”

Nyavi laughed aloud. She couldn't help it, she felt so joyous and light! Her head was swimming with ideas, a crazy maelstrom of knowledge of unknown sources. The carnal ecstasy had gone, but instead she felt strangely tingly all over. And she felt confident, even brave. Hell, right now she'd speak her mind if the sabers of all the Jedi in the galaxy were at her throat. "Hey big guy," she said, "pipe down will you? For your information, I passed my test because I didn't bow to those with power. You're lucky that wasn't your test or you'd have joined ol' Smokey out there." She pointed a thumb at the exit. "Maybe you still will, if the spooky twins' prediction is real."

"We will require more than one vessel, each take their own or ship as you wish." Zithill knelt at Nyavi'lars side as she sat at the edge of the pool and offered a hand, "It appears the Swamp Hag is without an owner if you wish to take her?"

"YES! Yes, I'll take it!" Nyavi pulled the Gand in for a brief hug. They were still soaking in blood, causing a squelching sound, but she ignored it. Goddess, she felt so good! "I'll consider your debt paid, Z. I know you didn't exactly own that ship and I did lose a lot of equipment, but if you hadn't brought me here, I wouldn't have gained this much knowledge, and power! Oh, I would have rebuilt all my equipment from scratch anyway, knowing some of the things I have learned today!" She spread her arms, closed her eyes and breathed in deep.

"So let's get going!"

Her chair, toppled over by the edge of the pool, whirred to life as she inhabited its controls. It felt almost like a living thing to her now, so much more intuitive. Nanorelays clicked like a symphony of microscopic percussion, subsystems turning on and off like the pulse of blood awakens organic response. The chair popped up and whizzed over to her, skidding over the surface of the pool. She jumped in, locked herself in place and did a victory lap around the pool, spraying blood in all directions. "Let's go!" she repeated once more to Zithill, and swiftly exited the temple.

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