To the shuttle!

“Jo.” The sith said, pointing to herself in answer to Lyra’s question. “And JB. Or you can call us The Twins. Two are one.”

"We are going to our shuttle and then to our home." JB said brightly. "We should make sure Nan knows. You don't think she'll be to upset if we bring all these people?" JB asked her sister. The station had not been good and so many people might stress the already compromised systems.

“He said to go, Nan will understand,” Jo relpied. “We can tell her about the baptism. She’ll be so proud. Two of her own.”

JB brighten. "You’re right." She agreed puffing some with a smile. "She will understand." Have looked to the other two who decided to follow them to their shuttle. "Keep up. We can't waste any time." She told the red head and the Barabel.

“We’re going home.” Jo replied with a smile. “And I can’t wait for you to meet Nan.”

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