Ryder stood stretching his arms over his head. Left then right breathing in and out slowly after each stretch. "Hey Beryl want to..." before he could finish his thought he felt the ground under him shift outside the ship. Like when he stood on the brulee like crisp surface of the salt flats on his home world. A cracking and sinking feeling.

"Would I what?" she said calling from somewhere up in front of Ryder.

"Start the ship." he screamed his usually calm voice panicked. "Now!" he was running bare feet clanging against the grated metal floor, tying his hair back as he ran. Beryl was over the consoles flipping switches as the ship sputtered to life. "I wanted to check on the systems before we tried to fly again." Beryl told him worried, "What if something was damaged in that landing?" He flung himself into the pilots chair. "We have to risk it we can't stay here." Ryder was flipping more switches looking at gauges and read outs. "But why? I didn't pick up any ships but the ones that were fighting before." she told him

More of the ground sank below them Beryl felt it now. "What's happening!" she was panicked now, throwing her self in her seat. "Not a fucking clue." the ship was trying to lift but was off center and not lifting where the landing gear had sunk. "Come on! Come on you piece of shit." Ryder slammed the controls back and forth as Beryl directed as much of their RCS thrusters downward as she could and not use it all up. and they began to lift. "Move!"She pleaded, "Please."

With a jerk they were airborne. Once sky bound Ryder lifted the landing gear getting warning messages. The gear had retracted but one of the hatches wouldn't close.

Patting the console Ryder laughed. "Sorry I doubted you."

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