A New Master

Issac paused for a moment, just staring at the dark figure.

The rage, pain and anger that had one been almost a separate entity in his mind, was not seeped into his very essence. He felt more in control now than at any other point in his life, and felt he now knew, this was the purpose he was born for.

All those years of bowing and scraping to the order had been leading up to this. All the years of disappointment, scorn, and pitiful looks had set him down this path. And now he, he felt, he was where he belonged.

"So long as I get to kill Jedi." He spat, still looking at his new master. And, not waiting for a reply, he turned around and left the chamber, following after these two twins who were apparently already involved in what ever this was.

But like he said, so long as he got to kill Jedi, he would go where ever he was asked.

Catching up to the twins and a few others, he stated bluntly "I think I will have to go with you in your ship", while pointing up at the wrecked cargo vessel, balanced precariously in the chasm above.

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