Dark Ruse

General Vorag stepped onto the command deck as the ship dropped out of hyperspace. The blur of passing stars gave way to the solid form of a broken red planet. It's surface had been shattered by the Galactic fleet years before. Its atmosphere burned away and its relics obliterated by the righteous fury of the Jedi order. It existed now as a dead husk, a permanent reminder of the triumph of good over evil.

"Report." Vorag almost choked on the words as waves of dark power emanated from the dead world and drove into him like rusty nails. He could hardly look at the thing and for a moment felt envy for the majority of the crew that were not sensitive to the force. Gods what had happened here?

"General." the captain gave a salute, "the planet seems to be breaking up. The core is collapsing and the outer layers are falling in on themselves. According to the scanners this whole area will be an asteroid field within a few days."

For a moment relief washed over the Jedi. Could it be the final death knell of a world seeped in the power of the dark side. The final cry of rage and pain before its legacy of evil was consigned to oblivion? If so he was glad to be here to witness it. He would endure the discomfort.

"Help matters along Captain." he gave the order just as his grey faced padawan entered the bridge. He turned to face her as the Captain ordered the barrage of the planet.

"It appears young one that we are here to wittiness a momentous ending. The long overdue death of an evil relic. The end of Korriban."

"It does not feel like an end." she murmured as they both watched the powerful blasts of the ships main cannons spend themselves on the broken world below. Vorag frowned and shook his head. Could she be right? No... no it was an end.. not..

"What's that?" the young Jedi pointed at the view screen as several small object left the worlds surface and entered hyperspace.

"Captain!" Vorag cried out in horror. The feeling, the darkness it was no longer below. It had left with those ships.

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