The Swamp Hag en route

Nyavi leaned back in the pilot's seat. "This thing's a bit of a barge compared to my old ship, Goddess rest its engines," she said. "Tiny thing that was. Light, maneuverable..." She gazed out the front window as the stars rushed by. The Swamp Hag was blasting through hyperspace, to the coordinates the twins had provided.

Nyavi remained silent for a minute. "But!" she exclaimed, looking over her shoulder. "With a bit of tinkering, I might be able to put an actual particle tunnel in here! And maybe a waveform isolator, get some frequency mapping done. The Force expresses itself much like light or electromagnetic radiation but on different wave… " She turned to face Issac and smiled apologetically. "Sorry kid. Don't let me run my mouth on science, or I'll never stop. We got a couple of minutes before we reach wherever it is the twins sent us. So tell me. Who're you? What's your deal?"

“So, you are some kind of scientist?” Asked Issac, seemingly ignoring the question. He had spent the entire time on the ship, up to that point, staring out of one of the view ports, apparently unwilling to engage with his new companion. Turning to face her, he followed up with a second question. “What is a scientist doing in a place like that, why would *you* be called there?”

"I dunno if I was," she shrugged. "Seems to me the bug was the one called, I just got dragged along because the bug had blown up my ship. Then again…" She turned in her seat so her whole, broken body was facing Issac. Her hoverchair stood electromagnetically locked in place beside her seat. "I did pass the test, didn't I? The Jedi didn't approve of me researching the Force. It's how I wound up with these…" She gestured to the stumps of her legs. "...and this…" She cupped the end of her amputated lekku. Then she threw up her hands. "Maybe the Force decided the Jedi were spewing bullshit and wanted me to continue my work."

She narrowed her eyes. "But you're dodging me, kid. Why do you think you were called there?"

A faint look of sympathy came across his face, temporarily fading the intensity of his orange eyes. “I can understand the brutality of the Jedi, and sympathise with the suffering of those they rule.” He muttered, sounding almost ashamed, while also lifting his stolen jacket to reveal the lightsaber concealed beneath. “And to answer your question, I think I was called here to make the Jedi answer for their crimes against the galaxy, and I imagine, atone for the crimes I have committed myself.”

He went quiet for a moment, going back to staring out of the viewport before continuing. “I have followed the voice for a number of years now, it has kept me safe, guided me.” He sighed deeply, his entire frame growing more relaxed, and his eyes going further back to his normal pigment as he did so. “I guess it was saving me for this, whatever this is…”

There was silence for a while. Both seemed to be considering their situation and the paths that had brought them there, and brought them together.

It was Nyavi, however, who broke the silence. "You were a Jedi once. I worshipped them, before all this. We've both been hurt by them. You more recently than I, I reckon. We've been given a chance to put some of their evils right. Or at least wreak some fucking vengeance on a bunch of hypocrit, self-righteous cunts." She laughed hoarsely, and there was a manic twinkle in her eye.

"I'm still bloody from that dive in the pool," she continued, switching subjects suddenly. "I think there's time for a shower. See how the facilities are in this ship." She reached out with the Force and her chair sprung to life, moving itself beside her so she could clamber on. As the chair turned around, she cast a coy look over her shoulder at the young man. "Feel free to join me, if you like." And with that, she slowly floated toward the back of the ship.

Seeming to miss the hint, or simply not caring, Issac merely muttered. “It’s probably best you don’t know of the things I have done.” As he continued to stare into nothing, becoming lost in his own thoughts once again, the fire in his eyes regained its intensity.

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