Changing course

Nyavi sighed as she looked at the water pooling around her, streaking red as the blood washed off her. Guess he didn't feel like joining, she thought bemused. It wasn't much like her to accost a stranger like that, but the baptism had awakened something in her she'd suppressed for a very long time. She started cleaning her lekku, trying to put the thoughts out of her head. Right now she needed to be practical and on her guard. She didn't know what to expect at the twins' home base, and she had to be ready for anything.


Ryder looked at Beryl. “You got this?” he asked. “Still feeling pukey?” she said turning her chair. “Yeah, gonna lay down. Tell me when we are going to land.” Ryder said giving the captain's chair over to her. He walked to their room dropping backwards onto the bed. Tossing an arm over his eyes he breathed out deeply. Drifting off to sleep, but it wasn’t long before his eyes opened to a room filled with steam. Had he slept walked into the showers? Was Beryl away from the controls? His eyes swept the room. “Where the fuck am I now?” he thought.

Then came a shout from just below him. When he looked down, startled, he saw a naked Twi'lek with dark grey skin, missing most of both her legs and half of one head tentacle. She clumsily tried to cover herself up with her arms as she asked in a panicked voice: "Kika-fucka-lekku, what the fuck? Who the fuck are you? What do you want?!"

The man with the mess of hair took a single step back. His reaction not to her lack of legs or her nudity, but to the fact, he felt like he’d known her his entire life. “Ryder Knight.” he told the Twi’lek. “And I don’t want anything I don’t even know where am.” he explained. Trying to figure it out for himself. “I went to sleep, and for the third time today I wake up in a weird lucid dream. So subconscious me what grand trip down memory lane am I in for now?”

"You're a long way from memory lane, Ryder," she said. The panic was leaving her voice, though she still sounded shaken. She righted herself so she was sitting straight on the floor again, giving up on any attempts to keep herself covered up. She reached out to swipe at his leg. Her hand went straight through, and only now did Ryder notice he looked blue and translucent! "This is some sort of Force projection," the Twi'lek said in a tone of awe. "I didn't know it was even possible to do that into hyperspace. Unless..." She looked pensive. "Unless I'm some sort of beacon you locked onto. Were you at the baptism of blood earlier?"

“I was in my ship not at a what-cha-call-it. Baptism?” he said, rubbing the bridge of his nose like someone with a pounding headache. “These drugs are rotting my brain.” he mumbled. “ brain is telling me that, the Force, the fake thing is now real, and I am somehow connected to some battle scarred Twi’lek because I landed on some long dead planet?” He said starting to laugh.

"Seems to be the case," she nodded, "though the Force has always been real, just like gravity or thermodynamics. Name's Nyavi'lar. Call me Nyavi. I'd shake your hand but you're not corporeal." She chuckled. "I reckon this is all that Sith Lord's doing. He's been planning all this for years, if you ask me. If you want to find us, get to these coordinates." She summed up the location, which Ryder recognized as somewhere on the edge of wild space. "Come find us and you'll see that you're not dreaming and the Force is real," she finished.

Ryder had just managed to memorize the coordinates as he snapped away, nose bleeding. “If getting answers makes this stop...then we go and find answers.” Ryder said going to take his seat back and change directions.


Nyavi sat staring at the wall. The blue ghostly projection of Ryder Knight had dissolved into steam and thin air. She rubbed the back of her head, which she'd bumped when his surprise appearance had made her tip over. "I really need to get a stool for this place," she muttered. She picked up the sponge and continued scrubbing the blood from her folds. "Weirdest day ever," she sighed.

(JP between LSP and GardensTale)

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