Phantom Station

The duo turned briefly to Lyra. “You have a great deal to learn.” The Duo said and they took their seats.

JB or Jo, good luck parsing out who was who, tapped the counsel.

“Hi, Nan!” They chimed. “We’re coming home! We have Guests!” They said in stereo. Once everyone had who was coming had taken a seat the led the procession into the black of space. It wasn’t a terribly long flight but as the ship slowed there was … nothing.

“Hello, girls!” A voice said in an English accent over the radio. “So good to have you home. My you have brought home a good deal of people.” The voice said amused. “I will tractor beam you in.”

The shuttle was naturally first to be tugged in and once the shuttled passed a certain threshold the occupant found themselves in an unlit hanger bay!

“Please wait while I bring in the rest girls.” The British voice requested.

“Yes Nan.” The twins replied.

By the time all the ships were in the hanger, they were crammed in pretty tight.

“Dear new occupants.” The British voice rang over the intercom. “Welcome to the Galatic Empire Labs … Phantom Station. Please be aware this is a secure facility, kindly wait in the hanger. An escort will arrive shortly. Your compliance is appreciated.”

“I think Nan forgot to turn on the light.” JB said out loud giggling.

“Yes!” Jo snickered alongside her twin. “Forgot.”

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