Nyavi coming down the ramp

The ramp underneath the Swamp Hag opened up. A dim slit of orange light spilled out onto the hangar floor and grew to a rectangle, framing a bulky, semicircular silhouette. Nyavi glided down in her chair, squinting into the darkness. Despite the dimness of the place, the twins' skin and hair was so light they stood out quite clearly.

"I'm holding off on my floodlights for your sakes," she said as she hovered over to them, "but if we don't get a bare fucking minimum of lights around here soon, I might become less charitable."

She stopped in front of the two ghostly figures, who were flanked by the colossal barabel and the diminutive and utterly clueless red-haired human girl. I kinda haphazardly rolled into this compared to Issac, Nyavi thought, but this girl STILL doesn't have a clue about everything that happened to her. She's like a cloth in a whipping storm.

"Issac, the human bunking with me, is in the shower," she said, pointing a thumb over her shoulder. "The blood bath was fun but when it starts congealing in your pits, less fun."

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