Dark Arrival

Zithill flinched as the cavernous realm beneath Korribans surface began to fall in on itself. It seemed that what ever will that had held the planet together following its ancient bombardment had now departed. He guessed they had bare minutes before the entire place would degenerate into a molten death trap.

Firing up the engines of the Z'tanu he removed the Izuth, enjoying once more the sweet air his home world as it was pumped into the compartment through the fabricators. Great stalactites dropped from the ceiling above as he he began to move upwards towards the surface.

The other ships moved up with him. The Swamp Hag was now inhabited by Nyavi'lar and the human Issac. Zithill glanced down to the rough spun sack that lay near his feet. It contained the incinerated remains of their fallen companion. He had procured them for later study. The young girl Lyra had joined the frightening white haired twins in their vessel, while the two beasts had their own ship and he presumed the ex-jedi Arikir had joined them.

As they emerged into open space the other vessels jumped almost immediately into hyperspace but Zithill lingered for the barest of moments. His sensors had flared into life as a vast galactic destroyer hovered over the planet and began to open a barrage of fire into its surface. The Gand swore beneath his breath and immediately followed the others into a light speed race towards the given coordinates.

Dropping out of hyperspace mere seconds later Zithill followed the others in towards the ominous structure that hung in space before them. He noted anther vessel had joined their group and scanned the larger vessel as they moved in. The Swamp Hag had taken a flanking position at its side showing that Nyavi at least was not troubled by its presence. Regardless Zithill made ready to activate his weapons array should the need arise.

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