Zithill engaged his docking clamps and waited as the others disembarked onto the station. Such a strange little fleet they had formed and he scanned each one as they sat clustered around this technological relic of the Sith empire.

The station was vast and its shielding prevented internal scans. An annoyance but not unexpected. The Gand liked to be well informed before entering a potentially hostile environment and he considered the idea that given the new path he had chosen to follow there were few environment left to him that were not hostile. Even his own people would reject him out of fear of Jedi reprisals.

At last he entered the station and made his way down to the main airlock where the others were gathered. They had been joined it seemed by two new companions a human spacer and his mate. He considered the pair with interest wondering what part they had to play in what was to come.

The Jedi... No. A Jedi no longer. The man named Issac ignited his light sabre and spoke to the twins whose home this had been,

"So, are either of you going to tell us what this place is, and who that voice belonged too?"

Zithill moved back into the shadows to better observe the response as well as they behaviour of the others. His new companions, his fellow seekers... his family? A peculiar thought.

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