Checking the Chain

Zithill dropped back and followed the others at a polite distance. He noticed the young human girl Lyra lagging behind also and took the opportunity to speak to her.

“You appear confused larvae.” The name being a term of endearment for the young amongst the Gand. They were in this together, following the same path. A weak link in the chain needed to be either strengthened or cut lose. He was eager to find out what course of action was required in the young girls case.

The path they were to follow would be dark and dangerous and he would not walk it with just anyone. Absently he fingered the wicked looking dagger he kept strapped to his belt. It was hooked in several places to help remove the tough ligaments from his prey whilst skinning them. He had only ever skinned two humans and absently he considered that her fair skin would make fine undergarments. Perhaps fine enough for a bridal gift back on Gand.

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