Play Nice

“I will not play nice if you chose to pick a fight with me, also what did you call me”

Zithill gave a nod of approval, "Good. There is fire in you." he was almost certain he could feel a build up of power around the girl like an aura of menace. A strange sensation like the pull of the dark path but stronger and more violent. Interesting.

He eyed her raised staff and smiled behind the Izuth. A crude weapon but lethal in the hands of a master. "I will not harm you this day larvae." he assured her, removing his own hand from his blade.

"I do not fully understand the Sith myself. They are but dark legends to my people. A powerful group of dark Jedi that once ruled the galaxy. I do however understand that we are called by the dark side of the force... all of us. We follow this path together bound in blood. Who knows where it will lead."

"Tell me of your home larvae? Did the call to shadow seek you out there or were you lost before it found you?"

Following the twins and their "Nan" they moved through a number of dark corridors all sparsely lit with the red glow of emergency lighting. The air was stale and cold like the inside of a tomb.

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