Lost and Gained

Hargar kept quiet the whole time, partly studying all the strange sights, partly trying to comprehend what happened in the recent time. He felt the blood coating his skin, and wiped with his hand, feeling the now dry blood flake away.

“Hargar, what troubles you? You have not said a word since our cleansing.”

The question caught him off guard, even though Rarek was the closest thing he had to a friend, he still usually preferred the option of not talking. But talking is sometimes needed.

"Change... Change is on my mind. I lost nearly everyone in that mission, except for you. I barely escaped with my own life, all the scars and burns I have prove that. Now I am being baptized into the darkness, and being given a power I barely even deem myself worthy of. I am happy but sad, I am simply confused. What is lost and gained is what clouds my thoughts. I guess my emotions are changing me," answered Hargar, walking alongside Rarek, giving him a pat on the shoulder. "At least I have someone I can trust alongside me."

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