An Unwanted Intruder

Issac was enjoying to relatively jovial atmosphere of the group. It seemed a strange shift to go from being a member of a strict military and religious order, to suddenly finding himself a part of a family made up of random strangers. The Twi'lek in particular was like a salve on his mind, able to distract him from the thoughts that plagued his waking moments. Nyavi's somewhat immature and boisterous nature was so alien to him that it jarred him from his thoughts whenever it arose, and despite himself he was becoming fond of her.

Issac found his train of thought suddenly interrupted by an intrusive presence passing over his mind, like a searchlight on a wall. Initially he though it was just some passing phenomenon, and its fading strength seemed to confirm this, but just as it was about to fade entirely, it stopped. What came next was like a blinding light right into the center of his mind, filling him with excruciating pain, whiting out his vision. The pain was so intense that it caused him to drop to the floor, sending out a metallic clatter from his saber hitting the floor, clutching his head and curling into a ball, trembling in agony.

In a sudden and terrifying realisation, all he could say was "It's him, it's him, it's him....." over and over again

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