Nyavi to the rescue?

The droid didn't seem too keen on answering questions, and Nyavi was about to try again when Issac suddenly dropped from the corner of her vision. She looked down and saw him clutching his head in pain and muttering something she couldn't hear. "Whoa, Issac, hang in there!"

The droid and twins forgotten, she tipped herself out of her seat and sat on her stumps in front of the kid, holding her hands over his own. "It's him, it's him," he was muttering, but he seemed otherwise unresponsive.

"Something's trying to get in his head!" she said to the others. She was more adapt with physical manipulation with the Force than mental, but she knew the theory and did not hesitate. "I'm going in!"

She leaned in, touched their foreheads together, and placed the tip of her remaining lekku on the crown of his head. Wincing at the resistance, she sent a telepathic probe down through his forehead into his mind and tried to expand it, helping him force out the burning light that was trying to fry him from the inside out.

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