Latched On...

General Vorag sat cross-legged in the centre of his meditation chamber. Outside the dull thud of the ships main cannon continued to puncture the silence, as the bombardment of Korriban reached its conclusion. The ancient Bastian of the Sith was now reduced to a cloud of shattered debris and poisonous vapours. The recent evil spawned from the depths would be its last dark offering to the universe. At least that small victory was assured.

Eyes closed Vorag reached out with his mind, drawing upon the power of the Force to search the surrounding systems for the dark presence. Hours pass by as the Jedi strained against limitations of his power, searching ever further into the void and finding nothing. Beads of cold sweat formed upon his brain and his shoulders began to slump with the weight of fatigue. He was almost ready to give up when the slightest flicker of shadow caught his awareness. He latched onto it with an iron grip, finding the mind of another.

“Issac” he hissed as he speared tendrils force power into the others mind. He was aware of pain and confusion from the other, but he would not release the connection. He could also sense the darkness. So tantalisingly close.

Suddenly there was another, a second mind pushing back against his will. He drove on with the new intent, he would not release his quarry without a fight. He had to stay connected long enough to work out their location.

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