Awaken From The Dark












There was a thrum of pain and sudden oxygen as he fell from the slab and onto the metal-grated floor.

Warning: Containment Failure

The computer nearby kept repeating that line over and over as he shook himself groggy. His vision was blurry but he was slowly remembering. He felt weight in his hand, knew it was his lightsaber. He thumbed the stud, only for a flash of sparks to appear in his blurry vision. Then, finally he remembered, though not how he intended.

The Force gripped him and he felt his own echo. He saw the final confrontation that ended with him... Frozen?! Vol-Kur could not believe it that he was frozen. But he saw himself, a pride hanging in the Grand Moff's chamber, until he was looted after the Second Galactic Civil War. The vision took him closer to now. A group of people stood in dark clothes. The Force was strong in the room, all attention on him in his prison. Droids and equipment were probing the carbonate slab, the men and women gathered seeking to unlock secrets.

He barely understood it all in the rushing view of the Force. He blinked a bit and at least thanked the Force for keeping him sane after this time. But where he was, it seemed he was in the same room as the vision. The blurry shapes were focusing, their shapes regardless letting him know they were the same. The droids sat in their alcoves, deactivated.

He stood, weak and stumbling. Yet he gathered himself. The Force vision did clue him in on one thing. There was a taint of Dark Side here, and he knew Sith were here. If anything, he would get some answers before he found a way to escape.

He slowly made his way out of the room, gaining more strength as he made his way. His tattered Jedi robes felt heavy to him but he kept them. No telling what was here and they probably were already looking for him. He roamed for a while before spotting a maintenance hatch. Thinking it would give him time, he hopped on in.


The facility had to have been attacked yet he heard nothing. Vol-Kur continued to make his way from shaft to shaft, sticking to ventilation when he could. There was signs of age and disuse on some equipment he had seen and the path he took showed signs as well. He still had no idea where he was going. It wasn't as if he could-

The shaft gave way and down he went in a tumbling slide. He cried out in surprise and hurt as he bashed about the tight space. He landed upon metal, gasping in pain. With a groan, he began to sit up. It was as he began to survey the area, noticing the large area was some sort of hangar, that he felt the whispers, the pull, of the Force. The hairs on the back of his neck stood, darkly whispers coming from a dim light from the other side of the hangar. He slowly made his way, hearing faint voices echo in the cavernous room.

The Dark Side was here. The Sith was here. That was all he knew. And he would wring the answers he sought out of them. He felt the burning rage in the pit of his stomach. It fueled his strength as he came closer. Yes, he could win!

He leaped up onto a dusty starfighter and sprung from there, barely taking in their number and differences. They were Sith, it was them! "You!" He shouted as he landed on a woman with red hair. She did turn with a staff but his momentum was enough to knock her down. As the group reacted to his sudden and hostile appearance, he gripped her tightly and rolled to his feet. He kicked her towards the large lizard of a race he had never seen, realization of logic peeking through a haze of rage that he was seriously outnumbered. Still, he saw the group was ready.

Thinking quickly, he reached out and pulled with the Force, a container flying straight towards him and the group. He jumped the crate but nearly didn't make it over as he collapsed once more onto the ground. The Moxla clansman looked to see a spear jabbing down, rolling just in time to dodge it. He came up and beheld the wielder of the weapon even as a staff joined it. Still, his rage seethed uncontrollable. The Sith would die before they learned the secrets of Kiffu!

"What have you done to me!" He screamed at them!

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