Intruder, Intruder, Listen to your Tutor

“Do you feel that?” Jo asked sher sister, turning her head slightly to the left. She reached out her hand for JB’s.

“Something is looking I think.” JB mused. Sister in on hand JB extended her hand out to another fellow Sith. “Let us show the unwelcomed guest they are not welcomed.” She suggested to her comrades. Seriously, freaking Jedi! They did NOTHING … yet … and they already hound them!

A faint smile crossed Jo’s face. “They are one. We are many,” she replied, her free hand taking hold of the nearest Sith on the other side. “They’ll not destroy what has yet to be built.”

“We can protect our brother in arms … but not alone.” JB explained. “So don’t wait any time, join us.” She urged.

“Join us.” Jo parroted.

“Oh, girls how mature of you.” Nan sighed seeing them work the group into cooperation.

Pleased as they were to have made Nan proud, now wasn’t the time. They had a job at hand, block the intruder. Jo cleared her mind except for the task at hand, concentrating. She could feel the wall becoming stronger.

"What have you done to me!" She heard someone shout. Turning around, the twins recognized the carbonite frozen man at the space station. They’d spent countless times growing up decorating the large block of carbon, going so far as to assign it pet names. Now here he was, unfrozen and surprisingly spry with no signs of carbon sickness, yet, like Nan warned would happen.

“Snowball! You’re awake!” The twins cried.

JB tilted her head. “You should not stretch you power so much. The shock of waking from carbonite could kill you or that’s what Nan said.” JB warned. He would fall over soon enough and they could resume protecting there comrade.

“You should focus instead on staving off the effects … they should come crashing down on you any moment so I would recommend getting off our comrade.” Jo added.

“True on all counts children. In his weakened state, he should not be too difficult to handle even for you two much less all of you.” Nan said with pride and confidence. “Even so we take advantage of the moment and kill him while we can.”

“Kill Snowball?” JB said as if Nan were about to shoot the family dog.

“Why do we have to kill Snowball?” Jo echoed.

((JP Winters & Blitzen))

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