Within and Without

Zithill watched the scene unfold with interest. The human male had dropped to the ground in apparent agony, the Twi'lek coming to his aid. He could feel the build up of force energy and sensed that they were under some form of external attack.

For a moment he considered lending his own energies to the struggle but the sudden appearance of yet another stranger tore his attention from the scene. Hissing through the Izuth he skittered back into the shadows instructively drawing them around them as a cloak.

The interloper was clearly force sensitive as he dodged and whirled through the initial defences of the group before using a force grab to move a large container into his path to create cover.

"What have you done to me!"

The twins and their android companion seemed to recognised their attacker and were discussing his fate. Zithill reached within the folds of his cloak and withdrew a small pistol designed for stun and capture. Carefully he trained it on the area where the interloper hid ready to fire should he emerge.

It was then he noticed that the human Ryder had remained with his mate back near the shuttles. He suspected that any moment now they would catch up with the group and in doing so their strange assailant would be surrounded.


Aboard the Bright Vengeance General Vorag reeled back as the dark force energy whipped out towards his mind. "No!" he screamed out as he stood. Around him the force grew fierce and chaotic, the lights flickered and exploded, the viewing window began to crack threatening to release the rooms atmosphere out into space.

Blood ran freely from his nose and ears as he drove on seeking the location of this dark mind. He was almost there.. almost... there came a sharp crack. No he had them, he could sense their location!! Just a second more.

A grim smile of triumph settled on the Jedis lips as it all came together in his mind.

"I have you now!" he hissed between bloodied teeth. Another crack and then no sound at all as the vacuum of space claimed the chamber and Vorag was dragged from his feet with a silent scream. The cold hit him like a hammer and consciousness left him as he rolled out into the darkness out amongst the stars.

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