First Loss

The newcomer brought a welcome vent for Rarek’s growing anger. As a Jedi, it would be even better.
He noted the Gand and another member of their group moving out of the way. Good, less in the way.
The twins familiarity brought little worry, they were odd.
The small redhead was thrown at him, catching her and placing her out of the way before charging into battle.
Dodging the thrown crate, he sent his spear into the floor, just missing its mark.
He was joined by another, he couldn’t tell who. Blind rage and battle lust fueled him as he hissed at his foe.
The only thing to draw his attention was an explosion coming from the weakened human and the Twi’lek. With his senses heightened, it was easy enough to get out of the way, but the drive to kill this Jedi stalled him for a moment. As the energy struck him, he was sent flying towards his foe.

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