Bug Zapper

Seeing Ryder slip into place behind their assailant and the huge Rarek take point with a ferocious charge, Zithill seized the advantage and fired his weapon. Blue sparks of electrical energy enveloped the dazed Jedi just as a stray bolt of force lightning from the screaming Isaac struck the man in the chest.

The backlash hit Zithill weapon causing its power cells to rupture and explode. If not for the thick protective gloves he wore he would have most certainly lost the hand. As it was he threw the shattered pistol down with a curse.

The Jedi, if Jedi he was lay unconscious at their feet now, his chest a smouldering ruin. Zithill looked over to Ryder who still stood at the ready,

“Bind him.” He turned to the twins then, “you know this man?”

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