He was unsure as to what the Force was telling him in that moment. His mind hazed over as a body-racking cough began to seize him. Yet his hatred burned, lending him a quickly evaporating strength. Through all of it, he could hear two girls speaking. “Snowball! You’re awake!” The twins cried.

The Force was building but not in him. A resonance that threatened to erupt physically from somewhere. Vol-Kur leaned against his cover as the group readied themselves against him.

He would tear them apart if his arms did not feel as if they had been replaced with rubber. He, unsteady, pushed off and nearly collapsed. He wondered where his strength went when he was able to get here. He could literally taste the Dark Side, it was overpowering here. And he unintentionally used it but now was paying the price.

He did not have much time to think or try to think. Suddenly, two appeared and moved to attack. Moxla pivoted and nearly lost his balance. Form I came to his mind and he tried to approach for a strike. The blue bolt of a stunner round zapped into his chest. It flung him back as another excruciating pain erupted, this time in the form of the Force. Shocked by lightning and stunned by blaster, the clansman fell beneath the onslaught and proceeded to do what his body wanted.

His senses shut down as he faintly heard one of them say "Bind him."

Damn you all, he thought before darkness took him.

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