The Sith Have Returned

Vorag opened his eyes. His entire body ached and his flesh felt as if it were aflame. It took a few moments for his vision to return and the sight of his worried Padawan leaning over him caused him to force a grim smile.

"It appears I was outmatched.." he began to cough, "Or at the least outnumbered."

"Master you need to rest." she laid a hand upon his shoulder and it warmed his heart to feel the presence of her force powers reaching into him encouraging healing and sleep. He accepted the former but pushed away the latter. There was no time.

"The Sith..." he managed, "The Sith have returned."

Across the room the door opened and three Jedi Knights entered, all bearing the crest of the white star marking them out as members of the Paladins of Light. A zealous faction of the Jedi order dedicated to stamping out the darkness in all of its many forms.

"Do not cloud the mind of your Padawan with such heresy." the tallest of the three barked as he marched into the room, "The Sith are extinct."

"There was a disturbance in the force. Some fool dabbling in the dark side no doubt." chimed in the second a willowy female with hazel eyes.

"It is the Sith." Vorag spat, the memory of their dark power still fresh in his mind, "and I can prove it."

"How?" urged the third knight, a short blue skinned Rodian. He stepped forward eagerly to stand over the injured Master.

"I know where they are." Vorag replied. "I can lead us straight to them." the connection had been broken with disastrous results but he had maintained it long enough to form the link and now he could sense their presence.

"Issac..." he whispered the name, savouring its sound upon his lips, "Nyavi'lar" he breathed deeply allowing the force to well up within him. He would lead these Paladin to the two Sith and they would stamp them out. All would be well.

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