A World of Pain

When Issac awoke, it was dark and everything hurt. He tried to push himself upright with his hands but even touching the cold group under him sent a fresh wave of agony through him, causing him to collapse back to the ground with a groan of pain. Where was he? What had happened? He remembered the white hot pain, the after effects of which he could still feel in his mind, he remembers Nyavis voice.... What had happened?

As he was about to give up and let unconsciousness take him again, a new voice spoke in him, one of anger, of hatred, but seemingly tempered with some degree of control. 'Use the pain' it urged him, its tone firm and determined, 'let it fuel you, let it drive you, use it so it does not use you'. Gritting his teeth and heeding its words, Issac forced his hands under him, taking a moment to steady himself and ride out the dizziness he felt from the fire coursing through his scorched arms and hands. When he could see straight, he pushed himself onto his now bare feet, forcing himself to stand upright through the pain, letting it fuel his frustration and determination.

Waiting until the pain had subsided enough for him to be able to focus on his surroundings, Issac tried to get a sense of his surroundings, he could hear voices, some loud, some soft, but could not focus on them. 'Light' he thought, 'I need light', and after cautiously reaching out through the force for a moment, he found the familiar presence of his lightsaber, quickly bringing it to him and feeling a wave of relief and confidence in its heavy hilt.

Upon igniting it and casting its light on his surroundings, he found he was still in the corridor of the Sith station. He could see Nyavi next to him on the floor, but couldn't understand what she was saying, though she seemed worried about something. deciding he probably didn't need to worry about what ever it was, he remembered they had been heading further into the station, looking that way he saw the twins and the droid were missing and there was now a sealed door in their path. 'Must have been some sort of confusion, they must have thought we were with them' he thought as he walked towards the door, but he knew he needed to catch up so he turned his attention, and saber, to the door, slowly driving the blade into the place where the separate door panels met, cutting his way through.

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