Nyavi is jealous of youth

Nyavi was too busy cussing out the others to notice Issac was getting to his feet. She couldn't really help herself; when she was in pain, it automatically translated to a stream of curses that would make many a space pirate blush. Only when she heard the hum of a lightsaber behind her did she turn around with a start, throwing up a hand instinctively. "Wha-?"

Then she saw Issac, his features lit by his saber and the slowly liquifying door. For a rare moment, she was speechless. Then she wasn't. "Kid, what the UTTER SHIT are you doing?! How about you help me back into my fucking seat after I save your bacon! Speaking of which, you fucking look like overcooked bacon yourself, why are you even on your feet?! And how?!" She pushed herself to a sitting position with some difficulty. Kikalekku, that blast had done a real number on her. Moments like this were when she could really feel she was past her prime. "And I don't know whether melting the fucking door is gonna endear us to the people on this station, kid! So cut that the fuck out before they drop us into space , or you keel over and fall on your own fucking saber! Goddess, I don't know whether the door is smoking worse or YOU are!"

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