They're Here... (Challenge Post)

Zithill was the first to emerge from the elevator, soon followed by several of the others. Nan briefly marked their presence with a nod before returning to the search. She threw canisters and machinery around as if they weighed nothing causing the others to duck out out the way of the deadly missiles.

"Well do not just stand there." Nan turned to chide the visitors, "Help me look for the Holocron."

Sharing concerned glances between them they did as told and soon they were all moving aside the mechanical detritus of the store room to find their prize. It seemed like an age had passed when Nan suddenly exclaimed.

"Ha, of course! A place for everything and everything in its place." and with that she moved to a panel on the far wall and patched her data spike into a nearby port. There was silence for a moment as she navigated the stations security protocols and then a sharp hiss as the panel opened up and smoothly moved to one side.

Behind the panel sat the Holocron in a suspension chamber. It hovered, rotating slowly within the glass tube that held it. A deep crimson light emanated from within the device and as the fledgling Sith grew closer it appeared to flare as if recognising their presence.

Nan made to remove the Holocron when a massive explosion tore through the station. The lights flickered and went out once more to be replaced by dim red emergency lighting. Another explosion and the room shook throwing several of them to the floor. Sparks began to fly from the computer panels and the low keening of the ships alarms filled the air.

"It would appear that you were followed." Nan announced as she activated her twin arm canons. A thin red targeting beam appeared from over her shoulder as her primary weapon stack flipped forward and clicked into place. Her eyes blazed with red fury as she clunked forward toward the elevator.

"The Galactic Triumvirate have boarded the station. I suggest one of you take the Holocron and then we all make for the ships. I have activated the stations self destruct sequence. The Jedi must not be allowed to learn its secrets."

Challenge : You have one week to fight the Jedi and escape the station before it self destructs with you on it. You may encounter Galactic troupers, Vorags Padawan (female human) and the three Jedi Inquisitors. One Rodian and two human a male and a female. They are all disposable. Vorag remains aboard his ship for now. The ship self destructs on May 10th. Enjoy!!

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