It Calls

Having been in a bit of a trance the entire way to the storage room, Issac was instantly ripped out of his trance at the presence of the holocron. With unnatural speed and a loud roar like noise, as he regained his senses and was forced to push through the pain that still wracked his body, Issac lunged for the holocron, pushed on by the darkness in his mind, clasping it and ripping it from its hiding place.

For a moment he could only stand there and stare at it, in awe of this beacon that seemed to pulsate with and emanate everything the Jedi had sworn to destroy. Slowly coming pulling his focus away he immediately recognized the presence of Jedi close by, a few feint pinpricks of light nearly drowned out by the familiar bright presence of Master Vorag. "He is here...he can not have this." He spat, clutching the Sith artifact in his hand, re igniting his light saber in the other.

"Nyavi we..." He stopped and stumbled a bit, his mind clearing for him to think, but also letting more of the pain in, though this time he quickly embraced it, using it to fuel his strength and stay standing. "We need to get to our ship, before he finds us, I can handle his pawns, but he would swat me aside."

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