Two Little Sith and a Padawan (Part 1)

“We cannot let the data fall into Jedi hands. We cannot lose it either.” JB said to her sister. The fact was it was all they had they were the last and losing that data would be an awful blow to the future of the Sith.

“We won’t.” Jo promised, tying her bandana around her eyes, should the lights decide to flicker. “No matter what the cost.”

“We go to the server, recover the Data, then destroy the data banks. We ask one of you guard Nan and Holocron. Defend and secure the Hanger bay. Get ready to rabbit.” JB advised putting on her bandana over her eyes. “We won’t be long …”

“We won’t be long,” Jo parroted. “Arikir, protect Nan with your life.”

“Or else.” JB warned. Before padding down the hall hand in hand with her twin. “We MEAN it too!” She called back.

“Do you feel that?” Jo asked JB, squeezing her hand. “It’s… not quite a Jedi.”

“I sense trouble.” However, in spite of it, JB smiled. “Right up our ally.” She said her grin growing. This, finally, could be a REAL test! They were after all made and trained for this!

“Hurry!” Her twin prompted. “Let’s get the data, I don’t want to miss the fight.”

The station was rocked again a strike pod piercing the hull. Steam and vapor clouded the hallway and a girl stepped out.

“Looks like we will not going to miss anything.” JB said righting herself. “You bar away! If you know what’s good for you will stand aside!” She said puffed trying to be a bit taller then she was. It did little good the young Jedi, it was clear from the hum of her lightsaber she was one, was at least a head taller than the twins. “Step ASIDE!” She warned.

“Stand Aside!” Jo Added. “And we might show you mercy.”

“Mercy really?” JB whispered to her twin.

Jo nodded in return. “I said might. Nan says that giving hope and taking it away is its own form of torture.”

The young Jedi swung her sabre in a circle.

“Two little sith are prepared to fight,” Jo said, raising her free hand towards the interloping Jedi.

“A sole little padawan to face their might. What will the padawan do, the little sith ask?” JB raised her other hand mirroring her twin.

“Suffer.” Jo ended the poem, as she and JB attacked.

The twins surged forward crisis crossing in front of each other in sync before splitting. JB moved up along the wall and spun in attacking high.

Jo took a running start, sliding to attack low. “So ill prepared, the little Jedi,” she said in a sing-song voice, “It’s almost unfair,”

"She'll never the same," JB warned, "She will break beyond repair."

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