"Thanks for blowing up my ship, ASSHOLE!"

Zithill sat back. Those were not the words of a would be assailant. But how could he explain all of these ships appearing together? His thoughts were distracted by a dark shadow moving towards him through the mist. He hit port thrusters to avoid the new threat only to see the ship he had savaged minus its pilot plummeting into the darkness beneath.

He took a deep calming breath through the Izuth. There could only be one explanation. It was known among the Gand Findsmen that perhaps once in a thousand cycles a path would become so strong that many hunters would be drawn to it at once. The K'hell the "Call of One." When a group of Findsmen discovered that they were on the path of K'hell it was agreed that all should join as one and share in the glory of the hunt rather than compete against their fellows. Old feuds were set aside in the name of the K'hell.

Zithill brought his ship up through the mists hailing ahead of him on the comm. "I have acted in haste and fear. My weapons are now cold and I come forth to make restitution." he spoke with confidence he the lone figure of the other ships pilot came into sight.

The Z'tanu drew level with the lone Twi'lek. She appeared to be protected by some sort of rudimentary escape pod. She could not last long in that state. Carefully he lined up his airlock with where she sat and opened the outer seal.

"I invite you aboard fellow hunter so we may discuss restitution for your loss and continue the search as one. The oath of K'hell binds me to your aid." She would probably care little for his traditions but he was a Findsman of the Gand and he could not do otherwise. Besides if she broke oath and attacked tradition would also allow him to slit her throat.

As he sat waiting for her response yet another vessel appeared above the fissure. This was a K'hell like no other in history. One more voice joined the bedlam as a rough voice sounded over the comm.

"This is Hargar, and I am not here to fight you. Turn your weapons away from one another, and aim for the sky!"

Zithill watched as the larger ship entered the wide chasm followed by what appeared to be a squadron of Triumvirate fighters. He shook his head and hit the comm grill once more.

"T'ra Renar of the Swamp Hag, aid the human girl if you will. My weapons are not for you and I will hold to my oath. It would seem that the new comer has brought foes enough for all."

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