Now We Wait

The display of power conjured by the human was good to see. Nice to know she wasn’t completely useless.
He was also jealous of her seemingly superior innate ability, while his were only useful for grabbing his spear.
“I do not want to fight you. Our numbers are too few and infighting will leave us at the mercy of the Jedi.”
He turned away from her, preparing to get the ship out of hyperspace.
Several times he almost called for Hargar to help him with the controls, a part of his usual routine on the ship had always been big lugs presence.
A planet appeared in their view as the ship stopped. Was it just him or did it look... purple?
“I guess this is our new hiding hole for the moment. We will wait for signs of the others before landing, could be a trap.”
Not knowing how long that would be and having missed out on the promised food on the station, Rarek went to the “kitchen” and grabbed a bag of dried meat.
“Don’t suppose you eat dried durgolosk?”

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